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Our staff is conducting a diversity of current studies ranging from general anxiety disorder to Alzheimer’s disease. Along with participants, we are always looking for new sponsors, so contact us if you are interested in Viking Clinical Research. We are a specialty-driven research organization founded in November of 2002. Our research professionals have been involved in clinical trials since 1996 and have enrolled subjects in more than 70 research protocols since then.

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Viking Clinical Research is committed to accepting only those protocols that we feel we can excel in. Sponsors can expect timely & efficient enrollment, accurate & immediate data capture, and subjects who meet protocol guidelines. Patient safety comes first. Most subjects at our site are research naïve & often relate that they view a study as a learning experience.

Viking has had recent distinctions of having the first patient-in for several protocols. We are often among the highest enrolling sites, but more often have the highest patient completion ratio. There is always adequate space, time, and technical connections for CRA’s and other sponsor personnel who visit our site. References are available on request.

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