A board certified physician is called the principal investigator, and will oversee the study. Other physicians (sub-investigators, also board certified), may work with the principal investigator on the study, but the principal investigator is always responsible for the conduct of the study.

Typically, we can get the patient into the clinic for a screening visit the same week. Patients are welcome to stop by and pick-up a consent form at any time.​

Almost always; one of the many benefits of being a research participant is that you and your doctor can follow the progression of your health while you are in the study.

The answer to this question is personal, and there is no one simple response. While some enjoy the attention given to their health while in the study, others are altruistic and hope that their participation helps to generate additional treatment. With most patients, both answers are true.

Yes, and without any concern about your relationship you have with your physician, or the study-staff at Viking Clinical Research Center. Study participation is 100% voluntary. Most of our patients say that they would participate in another study. Many return to the clinic just to “drop-by”. It is our goal to make you comfortable with your decision when it comes to considering study participation.

Yes, if you qualify for a study and are enrolled into the study you will be paid for time and travel based on the study protocol. 

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