Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Patients who are considering study-participation should know that at Viking Clinical Research they will be expected to read and fully understand an informed consent form before they sign the form.

The patient and, if applicable, the caregiver will receive a signed copy of the consent form. Patients are invited to take a copy of the consent home for his or her review and to discuss study participation with family members, caregivers, their physician, or their clinician.

Each study is overseen by an experienced and licensed physician, usually a specialist in the area being studied. Each patient can expect to visit with this physician and ask questions regarding their condition and the study they are participating in.

Patients will be screened carefully before being allowed to participate in a study. This screening generally includes a physical examination, blood and urine collection, and an ECG.

Sometimes, further screening tests such as an X-ray, ophthalmology examination, or a structured interview may be necessary to determine eligibility. If study related, there is no charge to the patient for these screening procedures. If there is any question about the benefit of study participation, the questions will be answered to the satisfaction of the patient, the patient’s physician, and if applicable, the patient’s caregiver.

The patient may quit a study at any time, and for any reason indeed, for no reason. If a patient discontinues a study, there is absolutely no impact on the relationship between patient and physician.

Patient safety and comfort is our primary goal. These two components are essential to the outcome of any study.


Every patient who screens for a study will receive 24/7 contact information. While the patient may get voice-mail between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., they can typically expect to reach the study coordinator between 7 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days a week. Patients are given all contact information at the initial screening visit.

Viking Clinical Research adheres to all articles of Good Clinical Practices as outlined by the International Conference on Harmonization. More importantly, we go beyond professionalism and hope that each study candidate feels “at-home” while they are in our clinic.

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