The Viking Commitment to our Sponsors

Viking Clinical Research is committed to accepting only those protocols that we feel we can excel in. Sponsors can expect timely and efficient enrollment, accurate and immediate data capture, and subjects who meet protocol guidelines. Patient safety comes first. Most subjects at our site are research naïve and often relate that they view a study as a learning experience.

Viking has had recent distinctions of having the first patient-in for several protocols. We are often among the highest enrolling sites, but more often have the highest patient-completion ratio. There is always adequate space, time, and technical connections for CRA’s and other sponsor personnel who visit our site. References are available on request.

The Viking Model

Viking Clinical Research  is a Dedicated, Specialty Driven Clinical Research Site. Viking is not a Site Management Organization. Viking contracts with experienced, board-certified, Clinical Research Physicians in the areas of Psychiatry, Neurology, Pulmonary Medicine, Urology, Family Medicine, and Geriatric Medicine. Each potential protocol is screened by a targeted and research-experienced principal investigator, and by the study coordinator.

Once the protocol is established to be valuable to the patient, the sponsor, and to medicine in general, acceptance is based on the ability of Viking Clinical Research to enroll quickly. Viking will make every effort to identify protocol-appropriate subjects before the investigator meeting.

Once the protocol has begun at our site, sponsors and their CRA’s can expect an open-line of communication between the study coordinator, the investigator, and the CRA. It is our policy that the phones don’t shut-off at 5 p.m., or on the weekend.

Protocol time-points and deadlines are important to us. As the protocol begins to come to a close; query resolution, data capture, and expediency are kept on the front-burner, and momentum continues until the close-out visit is finalized. Viking Clinical Research Investigators and Study Coordinator know that a site is often only as successful as its last study.